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Name:Mr. M. Mubarraq [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. M. Mubarraq at Duren Sawit - Jakarta timur
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. M. Mubarraq at Duren Sawit - Jakarta timur
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. M. Mubarraq at Duren Sawit - Jakarta timur
Address:Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi No.22B Pondok Bambu ( Di tengah tengah antara Tip Top Pondok Bambu dan Pangkalan Jati )
Duren Sawit - Jakarta timur 13430, Jakarta
0813 1004 5708, 021-9404 8734 | email : sales@ bumata.co.id | PIN Blackberry: 26F19327
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Registration Date:Dec. 05, 2006
Last Updated:May. 27, 2015
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

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Company Brief

PT BUMI MATARITAMA ( BUMA) is a company which is engaged in a Supporting, Service, Machinery, Engineering and construction. And is located in East Jakarta. PT BUMA founded in 2000, which has official permission 01.973.737.8-002.000 industry with tax ID.

PT BUMI MATARITAMA committed to be one reliable company by implementing a quality management system and capable of providing quality supported with facilities and human resources capable and experienced, so it can provide a solution to the problems faced by the customer. PT BUMA very optimistic that the efforts made will bring BUMA be better, as well as our commitment to continuous improvement of management level employees to the level of service.

PT BUMI MATARITAMA is the best partner for customers because of our commitment to deliver more than customer expectations by creating long term relationships BUMA make a strong and professional industry through transfer of technology and creativity as well as the protection of Almighty Allah, then be able to contribute to the prosperity of the Indonesian nation.

The business of PT BUMI MATARITAMA:
Component manufacturing process using the tools and CNC machines among others of Milling ( frais) , Lathe ( turning) , Shaping ( scrap) . The resulting product ( workshop lathes) are factory machines and machine components.
Process design and build machines to suit the wishes of the customer, such as the tester ( UTM) and light production machine.
The process of designing the structure of iron / steel to suit the wishes of the customer Like:
- Truck scale ( truck scale)
- Screw Conveyor and Conveyor
- Bagging Scale
- Animal Scale ( Animal Weighing)
- Weighing cattle

For more information contact :
Muhammad Mubarraq.
PT. Bumi Mataritama
ALAMAT KANTOR: Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi No.22 B Pondok Bambu Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur 13430

Telephone : 021- 8613346/ 8601862
Fax : ( 021) 8618992 )
Handphone : 0813 1004 5708, 0852 1037 6568, 0816 1740 8786, 0878 8174 3863, ( 021) 940 48 734
PIN Blackberry: 52421891

Email: sales@ bumata.co.id
atau: bumata@ gmail.com
atau kunjungi Website kami :
PIN BLACKBERRY ( BB) : 52421891

Major Products / Services
  • Engineering, Construction, dan manufacturing
    PT BUMI MATARITAMA merupakan perusahaan yang salah satunya bergerak dalam bidang workshop, Adapun produk yang di produksi antara lain
    - Macam-macam roda gigi ( gear)
    - Roll Drive Rotary Moulder
    - Block & Support mesin
    - Gear dan Sproket
    - Agitator Blade
    - Berbagai macam shaft
    - Cooling Jacket for Die Frame
    - Flange dan Plat Pivot
    - Bushing Lock / Bushing Adjuster
    - Worm Gear ( Gear Box )
    - Spare part material nylon
    - Canopy & Railing tangga
    - Brake Drum & Swing
    - Block Hammer
    - Joint thremi ( Seling dan drat )
    - Shaft Rotary Joint ( Washing / Preparation )
    - Rak Spare part & trolley
    - Animal Scale ( Timbangan Hewan )
    - Floor Scale ( Timbangan lantai )

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